Can’t live without

What makes you happy? You have some special interests which give you happiness. You long to do what you love the most. Those can be studying, watching a match, going for a walk and etc. I do have some activities which give me satisfaction and joy.
I love reading. I read motivational books and articles, spiritual books and short stories primarily in English. I find myself spending time with books or articles than with friends. I do not get bored if people are not around me because I begin to connect to people or characters through reading. It plays most active part of my life.
I like to do gardening. I plant chiefly flowering plants which bloom at various times of the year. They invite colourful butterflies and insects with their syrup for food and pollination. I spend two hours on a regular basis in the garden, take care of them and speak to them which gives me more inner fulfilment. I have inculcated the art of planting and taking care of them from my grandfather.
I love to sleep. I usually sleep eight to nine hours a day. If my body gives me indication of needing more rest, I make it point to rest. You need to know your body mechanism and listen to its necessity. Sleep gives me sufficient rest and regains strength for next activities.
There are many other hobbies which I keep up to enhance my character and personality. The ones that I have mentioned predominates all other. You too have some habits which brings you happiness, discover them because they add meaning to your life.

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Best place

Where do we find the best people in the world? Those who understand us, be there with us in times of joys and sorrows, share their talents, make us feel comfortable and push us up when we fail, are around us. They are our family, neighbours, classmates and friends who build up our small world and represent a larger world to us.
Why are these the best? Do we choose a place to stay in where we are not comfortable with? We may find new place and till we settle down with new friends and find new bonds, we keep our old company alive and active. Once we have new set up, we tend to incorporate all experiences and enhance our love and relationship. Thus our initial world expands and adds new meaning to our life.
Therefore we are people of our native place and its culture, we feel proud to speak about our personal experiences and friendsship of our childhood days which are the basis of experience and learning. Thus the best place in the world is where we are born and have our initial experience.

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Strange Attracts

What are we comfortable with? We are comfortable with what is familiar to us. We sit with friends with whom we can chat freely or make fun of. We are secure in our known company and environment.
But wherever we are, there are strange objects and people and we get attracted to them. Why? Because it is something or somebody completely new or strange from our regular company. We tend to get attracted to them. We hardly make a point to speak or interact with these new person because we feel that they have something very unique that attracts us.
It is natural that we have both realities. One is familiar and the other is strange and we are more interested in strange because it challenges us at one point and make us special. We become an object of attraction and we too get attracted to the strange. To go behind a strange goal or person begins with interest or passion to come to be familiar with and comfortable with the strange over a period.

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Does change hurt?

“Immediate response to any form of change is NO or NOT NOW.” Why is it so? What prevents us from accepting or following it. There are various reasons.
We are being brought up in a particular faith, tradition or society which shapes our life. We become masters of the norms and guidelines set by the society or family. The norms becomes part of our daily routine and we are happy to be in that set up. When there is a change or an event which is new or different from these set norms it affects. We tend to react initially and it takes time for us to accept or agree.
After having completed Masters in Chemistry, I went to my home town for fifteen days. As I was chatting with my uncle and aunt, their daughter Monica said, “Dad, I am in love with my colleague in the college and I will only marry him.” My uncle was angry and shouted, “NO! You marry the boy we choose. We are brought up in Catholic tradition and our family members will laugh at us. You will destroy your life so forget about him and concentrate on your study.”
My uncle did not accept because it was something new for him. It did not happen in family earlier, we were brought up in arranged marriages and parents used to select our partners. But Monica decided to marry the boy so she often used to share about her love at table. Gradually, uncle began to realize what Monica was speaking, made sense to him. He began to accept and tried to convince our family members. After a year of Monica’s motivation, her love marriage was accepted and marriage was in our church. Now, we have six members of our family married their love whom they discovered in their college days.
Of course, it is one of the examples and there are many other we experience in our daily life. Our initial reaction is not acceptable. We gradually begin to learn and adopt to the situation and say that it is for our betterment and our society.

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Special Moment

Having special moments in life build our strength and love for similar experiences in life. These moments are special because it touched our core. They are the driving force for us as we encounter unexpected situations. I had such a experience today. I long to have such a experience again because it challenged my presentation, hard work and gave me some practical learning aspects.
What was that? As part of the public speaking course, we (27 seminarians) were given two topics to prepare for a panel discussion. It was conducted at Xavier Institute of Communication, Bombay. I also prepared some points and was praying that I should not be called to present my views among the panellists. It was because I was nervous of the crowd and stage fright.
What do you think, would have happened? My name was announced and I was shivering and was negligent to go but I went. The tutor encouraged us by giving us some ways to present and be comfortable with what to say. We were three panellists and a moderator.
What do you think, my experience would have been on the stage? I was nervous and not confident in the beginning. The words were not flowing. I could not properly convey my message to the panellists and the audience. As I was about to settle down, I was asked to speak on unexpected questions which I had not prepared myself to respond at the spur of the moment. I began gradually to build confident and was able to look at the audience and the panellists. I could realize that I was comfortable with the stage fright and the topic. I could respond to people as they put across questions.
The experience was special and memorable. As I was remembering those moments, I came to realize that by practice and having many stage performances or discussions, I can improve upon my stage fright and other difficulties that I was going through. This moment taught me that I could do and build on my speaking. I came to realize, “Hard work and practice do not go waste but enrich my talent and personality”. Continue reading

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Are You Special?

Do you think that you are special and have unique identity from the rest? If so, what makes you special? You have something which gives you identity. When you are among your friends, family members and classmates, you realize that you are different.
When I was doing my graduation, a professor posed a question to the students, like whom you want to be if God gives you an option? This question triggered me. After the class, I came home but the question was pestering me. I looked at the mirror and said that I would choose ‘ME’. I prefer people to recognize me as I am and remember me as I am.
What is special in Me? It’s simple: the way I behave and come across to people. I make a point to look at me on the mirror praising me physically and mentally. I love to admire my body and thank God for it. I do appreciate me when I do good and encourage me when I fail. I begin to realize that I have a unique way of behaving with people and doing my works. I am creative, hard working, sincere and many other qualities.
You have special qualities in you that makes you unique from others and only you know what you are good and not so. Be special for by aspiring to be somebody else, YOU cease to be. Admire and love yourself because you are special.

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Dare to write

To dare to write and tell the world that I am unique is challenging for it takes courage.

I was brought up in a context where I hardly had an existence in our society. We were poor so had to work for our living. Our society labelled us with what we could do and were capable of. This attitude made me to distance myself from the society. I had low self-esteem, was afraid of the crowd and had inferiority complex.
I joined the Society of Jesus where I had many opportunities to open up myself. I loved reading and came to realize how people live in a society. I had ideas, stories and life experiences to share with people and learn from them yet I faced inferiority complex.
To share my ideas, stories and life experiences, I need to motivate myself to write and publish in the internet. I often had questions: Will people accept me? Can I be able to convey my message to the readers? or am I a good writer? I was motivated with my own thoughts that I am good and I would try my best to speak to people and share my experiences because my ideas and experiences are unique and have unique identity. With this note, I begin to write and share my experiences of life. It gives me satisfaction because I am growing as opportunities open up.

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