Why do innocent people suffer : the Master’s Model

We often raise questions to God, friends and religious leaders, “Why do innocent people suffer?” There are various ways of looking at this question. As a Christian, this question goes back to Jesus Christ himself. He was innocent and chose freely to be sacrificed on the cross. What is the need for Him to suffer? He did not commit any sin but was obedient to the will of his heavenly father. Jesus was sacrificed to save all from sin yet we fall. We tend to feel the absence of God in our life or better way to say, we tend to alienate ourselves from God.

To respond more spiritual way, innocent people are called to partake in the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. Thus they are given graces to bear the pain joyfully and respond to God effectively and be models for many of us. Thus, this grace is not bestowed on to every person but some who are constantly being graced by God, to carry out effectively God’s mission in this world. They show us the way, share their experiences when you speak to them and encourage us to grow continually in our spiritual life.

Thus, we need to pray that we may partake like these people to share the Paschal Mystery of Christ and to have the privilege of being graced by God.


About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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