God calls us

God calls each one of us with a mission which we are aware of. Some of them are namely authors, care takers, doctors, guardians, scientists, social activists, farmers, masons, priests, parents and many others. God created us in his image and likeness and to be co-creators of God, we need to respond to His love and take care of the world. We live in a world wherein many of us aspire to control other people and nature. God created the world with love and gave us to take care of it and nurture it but we tend to exploit it in many ways.

Therefore God calls us constantly to discern our ways of life through people and incidents. We respond to this call freely and commit ourselves to the entrusted call which is to beautify the world through our own life and mission. By accepting the mission, we also agree to the terms that are involved. The terms mean our very existence on earth.

Once the purpose of the entrusted call is fulfilled he takes us back to him. Calling us back to him is our joy of being with Him in heaven. Therefore our stay on earth is to accomplish the mission assigned to us as the prophets, saints and many people had. When we see people die at the younger age or older age, we tend to blame God because we like to remain on earth permanently. Those who understand and commit earnestly to the call of God, surrender themselves to Him freely for they know that their entrusted mission is completed.

Therefore it is necessary to discern and keep in touch with God constantly to accept our unique call every day. Hence we are encouraged to pray, pray for ourselves and pray for others that we may perceive God’s call as long as we stay on earth and make this world a better place as he would make.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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