Experience urges us to respond


God created the world out of His love. He fashioned us to praise, revere and serve Him. He shared his love with the creatures and takes care of them. What we see around us namely the variety of plants with its own unique features and qualities, animals, birds and insects with its unique identity and works that are assigned to them to beautify the environment and the inanimate beings play major role indirectly for the well-being and rooting ourselves on the earth. It varies depending on our context.

God fashioned the human beings to be care takers of his creation and we have the greater responsibility of nurturing his love. Therefore, we have been entrusted with not only the plants, animals, birds, insects and inanimate beings but also human beings (our co-partners) to share, care and nurture His love for all.  To respond to this greater responsibility, we need to experience his love which urged him to create the world. How does this experience occur? It is only acknowledging that he created us by wondering the creation and appreciating our creature-hood that we have been created in his image and likeness.

Acknowledging God as creator and trusting us to take care of the creatures enable us to respond actively and creatively in beautifying the world. Thus we respond whenever any harm is done to the creatures for we feel that part of us is being harmed. Therefore, it is essential to have that experience which is the backbone of our action and response. We need to strengthen our commitment and experience through prayer and being with Him.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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