Evening Walking

It was a meaningful experience as I was walking along the road in Andheri, Mumbai. There were many interesting things to observe. I saw many people rushing to the railway station to get into a train, some walking alone busy talking to somebody on phone loudly, some walking in twos and threes chatting and laughing and some moving alone looking around as if they are new to the city as I was.
There were many vehicles on the road crowding with passengers and speeding up which was disturbing the traffic. I was walking under a metro lane and it was shady. The vendors were busy selling their goods and many people were also window shoppers. The difference I could notice between people and me was that their lifestyle was fast and mine was not so. Of Course it was part of their culture.
Though it was interesting to walk and being taken of with the things that are around, I felt irritated with a smell that was along the road. The sewage chamber was smelling and getting stagnant in some places. The dust was rising up due to breeze and pollution from vehicles.
Overall It was good because I came to know the situation and many attractive objects in the shops and along the road. I was delighted with the beautiful greenery along the road under the metro lane.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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