Do you have somebody whom you admire of or played important roles to shape your life? I admire of my dad for many reasons. He has played a vital role in building me up. I feel proud to talk about him. What was special in him?
He was a quiet man and was very observant. He used to do the assigned work honestly and faithfully. I learnt from him how to be meticulous in planning and executing what you have planned. He knew what he was supposed to do as a husband and a father.
Of course, each man had his friends circle and so was my father. He enjoyed the company of his friends by drinking alcohol or smoking which did have negative impact in my life. I did begin to hate my dad because he used to abuse my mom and us. It took time to understand him. He had his weaknesses as an adult which he shared with me when I used to speak to him as a Jesuit scholastic. He had urged me to listen to people who have hardly anyone to give ear to.
Yes, he is no more! But his way of going about with his works and household activities played prominent roles in forming me. He used to enjoy working as a mason, gardener, reader and listener which are part of me too. I am ever grateful to him. You too have some important aspects that you have imbibed from a particular person you admire. Discover them.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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