Can’t live without

What makes you happy? You have some special interests which give you happiness. You long to do what you love the most. Those can be studying, watching a match, going for a walk and etc. I do have some activities which give me satisfaction and joy.
I love reading. I read motivational books and articles, spiritual books and short stories primarily in English. I find myself spending time with books or articles than with friends. I do not get bored if people are not around me because I begin to connect to people or characters through reading. It plays most active part of my life.
I like to do gardening. I plant chiefly flowering plants which bloom at various times of the year. They invite colourful butterflies and insects with their syrup for food and pollination. I spend two hours on a regular basis in the garden, take care of them and speak to them which gives me more inner fulfilment. I have inculcated the art of planting and taking care of them from my grandfather.
I love to sleep. I usually sleep eight to nine hours a day. If my body gives me indication of needing more rest, I make it point to rest. You need to know your body mechanism and listen to its necessity. Sleep gives me sufficient rest and regains strength for next activities.
There are many other hobbies which I keep up to enhance my character and personality. The ones that I have mentioned predominates all other. You too have some habits which brings you happiness, discover them because they add meaning to your life.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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