Best place

Where do we find the best people in the world? Those who understand us, be there with us in times of joys and sorrows, share their talents, make us feel comfortable and push us up when we fail, are around us. They are our family, neighbours, classmates and friends who build up our small world and represent a larger world to us.
Why are these the best? Do we choose a place to stay in where we are not comfortable with? We may find new place and till we settle down with new friends and find new bonds, we keep our old company alive and active. Once we have new set up, we tend to incorporate all experiences and enhance our love and relationship. Thus our initial world expands and adds new meaning to our life.
Therefore we are people of our native place and its culture, we feel proud to speak about our personal experiences and friendsship of our childhood days which are the basis of experience and learning. Thus the best place in the world is where we are born and have our initial experience.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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