Strange Attracts

What are we comfortable with? We are comfortable with what is familiar to us. We sit with friends with whom we can chat freely or make fun of. We are secure in our known company and environment.
But wherever we are, there are strange objects and people and we get attracted to them. Why? Because it is something or somebody completely new or strange from our regular company. We tend to get attracted to them. We hardly make a point to speak or interact with these new person because we feel that they have something very unique that attracts us.
It is natural that we have both realities. One is familiar and the other is strange and we are more interested in strange because it challenges us at one point and make us special. We become an object of attraction and we too get attracted to the strange. To go behind a strange goal or person begins with interest or passion to come to be familiar with and comfortable with the strange over a period.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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