Does change hurt?

“Immediate response to any form of change is NO or NOT NOW.” Why is it so? What prevents us from accepting or following it. There are various reasons.
We are being brought up in a particular faith, tradition or society which shapes our life. We become masters of the norms and guidelines set by the society or family. The norms becomes part of our daily routine and we are happy to be in that set up. When there is a change or an event which is new or different from these set norms it affects. We tend to react initially and it takes time for us to accept or agree.
After having completed Masters in Chemistry, I went to my home town for fifteen days. As I was chatting with my uncle and aunt, their daughter Monica said, “Dad, I am in love with my colleague in the college and I will only marry him.” My uncle was angry and shouted, “NO! You marry the boy we choose. We are brought up in Catholic tradition and our family members will laugh at us. You will destroy your life so forget about him and concentrate on your study.”
My uncle did not accept because it was something new for him. It did not happen in family earlier, we were brought up in arranged marriages and parents used to select our partners. But Monica decided to marry the boy so she often used to share about her love at table. Gradually, uncle began to realize what Monica was speaking, made sense to him. He began to accept and tried to convince our family members. After a year of Monica’s motivation, her love marriage was accepted and marriage was in our church. Now, we have six members of our family married their love whom they discovered in their college days.
Of course, it is one of the examples and there are many other we experience in our daily life. Our initial reaction is not acceptable. We gradually begin to learn and adopt to the situation and say that it is for our betterment and our society.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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