Special Moment

Having special moments in life build our strength and love for similar experiences in life. These moments are special because it touched our core. They are the driving force for us as we encounter unexpected situations. I had such a experience today. I long to have such a experience again because it challenged my presentation, hard work and gave me some practical learning aspects.
What was that? As part of the public speaking course, we (27 seminarians) were given two topics to prepare for a panel discussion. It was conducted at Xavier Institute of Communication, Bombay. I also prepared some points and was praying that I should not be called to present my views among the panellists. It was because I was nervous of the crowd and stage fright.
What do you think, would have happened? My name was announced and I was shivering and was negligent to go but I went. The tutor encouraged us by giving us some ways to present and be comfortable with what to say. We were three panellists and a moderator.
What do you think, my experience would have been on the stage? I was nervous and not confident in the beginning. The words were not flowing. I could not properly convey my message to the panellists and the audience. As I was about to settle down, I was asked to speak on unexpected questions which I had not prepared myself to respond at the spur of the moment. I began gradually to build confident and was able to look at the audience and the panellists. I could realize that I was comfortable with the stage fright and the topic. I could respond to people as they put across questions.
The experience was special and memorable. As I was remembering those moments, I came to realize that by practice and having many stage performances or discussions, I can improve upon my stage fright and other difficulties that I was going through. This moment taught me that I could do and build on my speaking. I came to realize, “Hard work and practice do not go waste but enrich my talent and personality”.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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