Are You Special?

Do you think that you are special and have unique identity from the rest? If so, what makes you special? You have something which gives you identity. When you are among your friends, family members and classmates, you realize that you are different.
When I was doing my graduation, a professor posed a question to the students, like whom you want to be if God gives you an option? This question triggered me. After the class, I came home but the question was pestering me. I looked at the mirror and said that I would choose ‘ME’. I prefer people to recognize me as I am and remember me as I am.
What is special in Me? It’s simple: the way I behave and come across to people. I make a point to look at me on the mirror praising me physically and mentally. I love to admire my body and thank God for it. I do appreciate me when I do good and encourage me when I fail. I begin to realize that I have a unique way of behaving with people and doing my works. I am creative, hard working, sincere and many other qualities.
You have special qualities in you that makes you unique from others and only you know what you are good and not so. Be special for by aspiring to be somebody else, YOU cease to be. Admire and love yourself because you are special.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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