Dare to write

To dare to write and tell the world that I am unique is challenging for it takes courage.

I was brought up in a context where I hardly had an existence in our society. We were poor so had to work for our living. Our society labelled us with what we could do and were capable of. This attitude made me to distance myself from the society. I had low self-esteem, was afraid of the crowd and had inferiority complex.
I joined the Society of Jesus where I had many opportunities to open up myself. I loved reading and came to realize how people live in a society. I had ideas, stories and life experiences to share with people and learn from them yet I faced inferiority complex.
To share my ideas, stories and life experiences, I need to motivate myself to write and publish in the internet. I often had questions: Will people accept me? Can I be able to convey my message to the readers? or am I a good writer? I was motivated with my own thoughts that I am good and I would try my best to speak to people and share my experiences because my ideas and experiences are unique and have unique identity. With this note, I begin to write and share my experiences of life. It gives me satisfaction because I am growing as opportunities open up.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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