Hoping to be out

  1. ‘Hurry up! No.658, hey you Johnson! Water the plants’
    ‘Doing Sir’
    ‘You have to do it quickly, it’s not your office’
    Walking around the garden and watering the plants and after his work, he looked at the height of the prison wall and building, he neared his prison cell and sat in looking at the garden. Suddenly, he heard somebody calling him.
    ‘Mr. Johnson, said the jailor, somebody wants to speak to you on the phone.’
    ‘Who would call me now?’
    ‘Hello Mr. Johnson Raju Rodrigues! It’s me Nikita, (Assistant Manager) your beloved! How is life? Missing you Johny! Come back soon to the M.J. Bye, hope to see you soon!’
    The bell rang for the mid-day meal. Johnson followed the line as other prisoners did. He took the food, sat under a Rain tree and was looking at the dal and rice. As he took the rice in his hand, he thought of Janu. Johnson and Janu were lovers from their college days in Bangalore. Janu was from a poor family, studied well but could not continue her study lack of finance. Johnson promised to marry her after getting a job. Janu’s family agreed. Johnson and Janu were in touch with each other on the phone. After completing higher studies, Johnson got a job at M.J. Group beginning as an employee, he had reached the position of the Manager of the organization.
    As a Manager, he married Janu and they got two children Jemerlin and Jenith and both are studying in a school in Bangalore. He remembered how they would each their food, sitting together in their home and enjoying with each other.
    ‘Hey Johnson! Eat, said no. 688, thinking of the past and regretting about it now, is part of our life in the prison’
    He started eating the food and he spent his time by speaking with others. Three months passed, he hardly sensed a sign of his release and got no visitors. One fine day, as he was digging a pit in the garden, there was call for him.
    ‘Mr. Johnson! There is a phone call for you from your beloved’. Now he guessed that it might be Nikita because she already called him once and no guess of Janu since he used to call her once is two months and he did not want her to know of his imprisonment. He held the phone:
    ‘Hello Johny! It’s me Nikita, It is to give you a news. Your wife called from Bangalore since your mobile is in the Manager’s office, I picked up and told her that you are out for an important project.’
    ‘Thank you! Hey Niki! Any idea about who is the cause of my imprisonment, is it Anuradha?’ Said Johnson’
    ‘It’s not yet clear’
    ‘The management proposed my name to be the next Manager if you do not get released so you try and I’ll also try for your release, said Nikita’ and she kept the phone down.
    He trusted Nikita more in the matter of his release yet there is a discouragement. After speaking to her, he was down and walking slowly thinking of his life. Who would understand me? Why am I in this condition? I spoke everything that happened in the company to the President of the company, Mr. Paul Raj that I was targeted and I did not do any mistake.
    As he walked, the jailor met him and said, ‘What happened Mr. Johnson you are more down after the phone call?’ but he kept walking. After the dinner, prisoners went to sleep but Johnson was sitting under the Rain tree looking at the moon and his mind was in the company as the Manger.
    He was thinking of how Mr. Paul Raj praising him for a couple of times for his hard work, honesty, approachability, loving and love for the betterment of the company. He knew that I did not do any mistake yet he could not control the situation. Now my name, fame and work are taken away and I am unable to speak to my wife and children and I do not have anybody who would fight for me. He also remembered Nikita saying to him, ‘You are only for me if not, you are for nobody.’ And I told her about my marriage to Janu and my children. It was Anuradha who accused me of sexual harassment but how to prove that I did not do anything to her and since most of the women staff supported her including Nikita, I was removed from my post and put in jail. He was confused and went to sleep in his cell.
    Next morning the jailor gave him new clothes and Mr. Matthew, the driver of the manager car drove to the company. As soon as he reached, he went to meet Nikita in the Assistant Manager office to thank her for helping him to be released.
    But she wasn’t there. There was Anuradha appointed as the Assistant Manager and he inquired about Nikita. She said, ‘Nikita was the main cause for your imprisonment. She and I were in the same college as you and Janu were but we were in a different class. Nikita and Janu were friends and Nikita liked you so much but Janu entered your life. Therefore as you were working in the company as the Manager, she wanted to possess you. She began to love you and tried to come closer to you because she used to say, ‘Johnson is only for me’. Since you did not receive her as a lover, she began to take revenge by spoiling your career. She threatened me of spoiling my career if I did not accuse you of molesting me. Now she is jailed and you are back.’
    Mr. Paul Raj embraced him, assigned him as the manager of the company.

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