Your Hard Work is yours!

Getting fed up with school life, Merlin left the school at the sixth period on Tuesday and sat behind the school looking at the flowing water. He engrossed with many thoughts so much that he did not even realize that the school got over. Benny was the best friend of Merlin, was going home after school, noticed Merlin sitting near the channel and approached him. He said, “Hey Merlin! What happened? Why did you leave the school early?” Merlin replied, “I am fed up of school life and especially some friends in our class discouraging me that I cannot participate in our school elocution competition because I am not good in English.”   Benny replied, “Merlin, look! Who are they to discourage you? You have sufficient talents to prove that you are good at English and public speaking. Your friends will get surprised if you perform well and you need to practice a lot. Get up Merlin! Let us go home.”

After reaching home, Merlin went to play with friends. Then he came back and turned on the television. As he was going through various channels, he was taken up by a scene from a movie in which how a poor boy grew up with hard work and reached to a great businessman though he was ridiculed by his friends when he was small working in his village. This scene inspired him and with the encouragement of his friend, Benny he decided to prepare for the elocution. As he was practicing to deliver his speech, he used to look at the mirror and speak.

Mrs. Daisy was his class teacher who called the students enrolled their names for the elocution from the class and told them to deliver their speech in the class. All students spoke and Merlin was sweating and stammering. As usual, his friends laughed at him but the teacher encouraged him saying, “Merlin, you have good memory, you can speak well, do not get frightened and practice again.”

Mrs. Sujata was in charge of the elocution, brought a notice which said that all the students enrolled for elocution competition, would gather at the school hall on Friday for the elimination round and twelve students would be chosen for the final round which would be on Monday during the assembly and they would be rewarded there. On Friday, all the students delivered their speech and twelve were chosen and Merlin was one among them. The head master appreciated the students and encouraged them for the final day.

Merlin was restless and was nervous about the final day. He had confident in him but was frightened of the crowd. The final day arrived and his name was announced after five students. He tried his best and he began to realize that the others did better than him. The result was announced and Guest of honour read the name and it was Merlin.

He was asked to say few words and he said: I am grateful to my best friend and teacher who encouraged me throughout my preparation for this day and my classmates who discouraged me and that questioned me about my capabilities and woke me up from my inferiority and set a goal to a high reach.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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