Is it yours too?

With a gloomy face, Tom sat in front of the grotto, He rang up to his home.


Hello Mom! It’s Tom.

Hi Tom, How are you?

Ymm! Not so!

Is everything alright at home?

Ya! OK…. You don’t worry! Study well.

Are Jerin and Janey beside you or gone to college?

Oh, No! Jerin has gone to the college and Janey is… How are your friends and teachers in Delhi?

They are fine. How is Dad, every time, he used to pick up the phone, where is he?

Ymm.. He is not around. Speak to Jerin he has just come from college.

Hello Jerin! How are you and how is college life?

It’s interesting and studying well brother.

Do you have exams now? I asked because you came home early today.

That is because I need to go to hospital.

What happened? Who is in the hospital? What mom is whispering?

No, not so serious brother!

What happened to Dad, Jerin?

He is admitted in the hospital and suffering from a leg fracture and Janey is with him.

Ymm! Mom, why did you not tell me earlier so that I could come home?

You may get worried! He is getting better, you do well and keep praying.

OK! Praying for all of you and give my regards to dad. Bye!



About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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