Chatting with God

Joseph was a twelve year old boy, lived with his mother in Puthukottai and was studying at St. Anne’s English Medium School.  He had a desire which was to meet God every day so he used to attend the Holy Eucharist every day at his parish. One fine day, as he was attending the Mass, he heard the priest preaching that we could see God in our daily if we could open our hearts to the homeless and share our bread with the hungry and accompany the lonely. These words touched him. But, he was disturbed as how he could meet homeless or lonely because he lived in a closed environment and whatever he asked, were given to him.

The next morning, he determined to meet God so he took two sandwiches and two bottles of cold drinks and told his mother, “Mom! I am going out to meet God and I will be back in the evening”.  The mother replied, “Be careful Joseph! Be back before the sunset”. Joseph started walking along the road from his town to the main street. After walking for two hours and enjoying the greenery and breeze he began to realize that he was getting tired and hungry. As he walked along the road, he looked for a place to sit down to eat his meal.

After a mile of walk, he sat on the pavement of the road. He took a sandwich from his bag and thought of gulping it. Immediately he realized that somebody is looking at his sandwich next to him. It was an elderly lady with shabby clothes and uncombed head. She looked tired and hungry and had not eaten for a week. Joseph gave the first sandwich to her and he took the remaining one from his bag and ate with her. He saw her smiling at him and saying something looking at the sky. Then Joseph took the cold drink, shared a bottle with her and they drank. Joseph enjoyed being with the lady talking to her like his grandmother.

As the evening drew near, he said, “Granny! Bye, thank you” and started walking towards his home. The lady went to her sleeping place walking two miles smiling and singing. Her companion asked her, “What happened today you look so happy?” She replied, “I met God today and he looked much younger than I thought and he gave me a sandwich and a bottle of cold drink”.

After a long walk, Joseph also reached home and his mom asked him, “Joseph! Did you meet God?” He replied, “Yes Mom! And God was a female with a lovely smile that I saw ever.” Then his mother said, “OK! Get ready for dinner” Joseph went to the room and wrote about his experience on a piece of paper and ended thus: God is not always found in the Church but on the streets, roads and lonely places in the form of homeless, lonely, hungry and neglected by people.


About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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