Freedom with Responsibility

Freedom with Responsibility is the ability to respond to my assigned work creatively and actively. It enables me to do wonders and use my imagination and talents for building me up in a better way. It urges me to build good relationship with my neighbours and the nature. Freedom and Responsibility urges me to be responsible for the actions I do that may be related to me or others or nature. There is an inward affection to oneself and responding to that need and then sharing that love with others.

Freedom is not doing whatever I want to do in life or only for my satisfaction but taking into account that others are part of me. My action does influence others’ lives. For example, for a student, s/he needs to do well in studies. S/he may use her/his creativity or other study methods which help them to do better in studies. They need to be responsible for their behaviour in class and exam hall. Their behaviour and way of life does influence others for betterment. But to have an attitude of not being responsible to one’s life in the school may lead to other activities namely copying in exams and unexpected behaviour in the classroom and exam hall. Therefore it is necessary to understand what is right and wrong attitude in the school or life.

To understand what is right and wrong attitude, it is necessary to know the context of life. For a student, it is what is expected of him/her in the school namely to obey the rules and norms. Given that situation, s/he can use her/his creativity to do well or be good to oneself and others.  Thus, we are responsible for our actions for we may influence others for their betterment or worsening. It is what is meant by freedom with responsibility in which we are responsible for our actions for they influence others and nature. This attitude needs to be part of each and every one of us for the betterment of ourselves, others and the nature.


About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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