Variety of Needs and Responses of Present

The attitude of interconnectedness unites us as one being. But there is a change with the present situation. What is the change? The change is that there is requirement of basic necessities to many people in our country. Our spiritual dimensions unite us as one but social and physical needs are needed to be met. As the population raise increases, a lot of basic requirement is demanded. The unemployment, migration of village dwellers to city, attraction to fast growing world, more focus to city-dwellers’ comfort that attracts other sets of people not getting these privileges, developing rural areas and disturbing the forest dwellers and various other activities are cause for the change. This leads to diminishing of natural resources. 

Responding to the basic needs of people insist us to initiate scientific development. The basic necessities are not limited to some limited food items but variety. The consumption of food, creative ways of constructing houses and dressing are chiefly rely on the culture in which an individual is nurtured. These cultures demand various needs which are must in preparing basic needs. Responding to these needs requires various sources and forms of cultivation. The cultivation and getting natural resources from ores and plants requires some tools and process. This interconnection and pressing needs give rise to develop many industries to provide necessities. There are many industries in the world producing various materials used for food, clothing and shelter. The basic necessities presuppose other needs namely medical assistance, cleanliness, security, farming, employment, and various other needs. Some of the material produced in various industries of India is Sugar, Fertilizer, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides, oil refinery, tanneries, cements, thermal power plants, plastic processing industry, hospitals, steel, vegetable oil, farming, instruments, weaving, water softening and many other industries and etc. These industries and distribution of goods are limited to each state and having its own industries and distribution. Many states sustain from its product and other needs are being imported from other states. There is a mutual understanding or agreement between the states in providing goods and other required products and necessities.

Many people get employed in many factories and industries. The livelihood of people depends on their work and employment in industries. The rise of many institutions, industries, study centers, research and numerous factories in smaller or larger scale have contributed to the employment of many people in the country and their growth. This enhances a better living as compared to those depend on others for survival.


About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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