E-development, E-waste and Sustainable Development

Electronic development is a key factor of human discovery. This takes us ahead of all other beings. Development in any field requires electronic devices which makes works faster and accurate. Electronic devices are boon to human development. We are being better equipped with e-factors. There are various e-factors that help us to be creative in our thinking and forming oneself. E-learning and e-books avail us to have access to latest entries in research any field of study and knowledge seeking process. To share one’s knowledge to other, we have e-mail, whatsapp, facebook, blogs, websites, mobiles, etc. These developments have initiated our thinking beyond our culture and state. E-governance avails us to update and have access to functioning of a government. This Electronic development is objectified through computers, laptops, mobile phones and etc. A lot of industries are involved in setting up of their devices and employment of various people is sought.

On the other hand, we mismanage these electronic devices and pile them as wastes. Today E-waste is most accumulated waste which cannot be recycled so easily. It is due to industries which produce devices hardly have ways of recycling them later. Very many E-wastes are from TV’s, refrigerators and computers waste etc. Produced wastes and effluents are of different categories which are needed to be understood.  They are namely solid waste, liquid, e-waste and gas. As many industries are initiated to respond to various needs, many industries need to look for alternative ways to recycle and reuse the already produced devices. Creative Sustainability or Sustainable Development is more relevant by recycling and reusing what we already have than using more natural resources. If we manufacture goods and not able find other alternatives then we are accumulating more harm and disturbance than good. Creative sustainability occurs when the amount of manufacturing is reduced and recycling and reusing those objects as something new or for betterment.


About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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