Ecological Relationship in Our Cultures

Ecological relation of dwelling is our primordial union with reality. This particular aspect is very prominent in our cultures. It includes our belief systems, love for nature namely plants, animals, non-living entities and humans. The relationship between beings, understanding and accommodating each other, having a personal relationship with God who manifests his/herself in different ways to various people depending on each one’s understanding, caring plants animals through whom we share and strengthen our bond and care for each other’s sustenance, welcoming guests with different symbolic gestures that brings blessings from gods and people and including various sets of beliefs and faiths within a culture. Many of our experiences are centered on God, nature and our selves. We nurture this understanding from our culture and people around us. This experience from within urge us respond to share ourselves with others inclusive of people across the cultures and other beings namely plants and animals.

Our culture is also responsible for global warming and causing damages for poor, children, women and weak, destroying green cover, over using animals to satisfy our greed. This attitude need to be fought that can be carried by people who are aware of situation and harm done. It is the time to respond actively to sustain our culture from some personal conflicts that are threat to our sustenance and building up ecological relationship.

About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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