Ecological Relationship

What is ecological relationship? It is the relationship between God, humans, animals, plants and other living and non-living. To elaborate this idea, I share some of my thoughts that involve some thoughts from a book mentioned for reference.

Etymologically, the word “ecology” comes from two Greek words: ‘oikos’ (home or house) and ‘logos’ (enabling and letting). The combined meaning of the term is ‘letting be a house’. But how do we enable a house to be a home? The house becomes a home only through dwelling. The earth becomes a home when humans dwell on it. Thus it is a relation with nature by active relation and not passive situation in which nature is ‘untouched’ and this call for a responsibility to care and shape the nature for mutual relation. It is not only for creating peace with creation but also be aware that we (God, humans and nature) need each other. We are dependent on each other for our survival and relationships. This attitudinal change happens only depend on our culture in which we are nurtured. The attitudinal change invites us to have active participation of beautifying nature for its sake and our living.  This is due to my dwelling on this earth and to dwell, I need others and others’ happiness and security. This security is not by exploiting other resources but understanding that each of us meant for each other as complementary. Complementarity of our existence in relation to other is meaningfully expressed in our cultures and religious books. The relation of interconnectedness can be experienced as we refer to the depths in teachings and practices of cultures and religions. The spiritual experiences strengthen our bond and they need to be expressed in our dealings with others that deepen our bond and relationship.

Some references from:

Technology vs. Ecology. By Johnson Puthenpurackal. 1370-1373. ACPI.vol.2



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I am a Jesuit
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