Building up our relationship with nature


1. Planting is necessary (replacing what we fell and more)
2. Constant input on triune (Trinity) relationship spiritually and intellectually
3. Expressing our works in social media

1. Planting is necessary:

Concrete suggestion to respond actively to Laudato Si is ‘planting’. It is necessary to replace and plant more trees which we fell for our needs and even if we don’t cut, need to contribute to stabilize the environment. It is expected more from us for we have more land and resources as compared to people who have no house to stay and survive. Beautification is attractive only in the presence of plants and not by its absence for if so ‘desert will be more beautiful than forest’.

2. Constant input on triune relationship spiritually and intellectually

The Triune God experience unites us as Christians and it is described as God, human and nature (inclusive of living and nonliving). This relationship urges us to share and build up each other as interrelated. The sharing with people and formees during Holy Eucharist, retreats, classes and group discussions needs to highlight this mutual relationship. We cannot respond actively to promote this love and affection unless we are been charged spiritually and intellectually in this understanding.

3. Expressing our works in Social Media

We have been constantly contributing to strengthen our relationship with nature by planting trees, watershed, finding out water sources for poor through which building up nature and a lot of social works. These works need to be expressed in the social media not only newspaper but also books, online website, facebook or twitter. Today the greatest migration is from rural to urban and city dwellers are more. City dwellers have all the facilities and they are constantly on computer and internet and to make them aware of the situation, we need to express our works to inspire them. Many NGOs and scientific world update their view online but from religious point of view hardly any. It is not boasting of our work rather participating in a mission that requires this medium.
Poor and village dweller plant more either through farming or through creating forest cover whereas city-dwellers hardly have place or interest to plant therefore constant awareness are needed.


About Jaya Singh T

I am a Jesuit
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